Thank you, Tiago for the suggestions.

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On 15.10.2017 05:09, Snehal Shekatkar wrote:
> Thanks Alexandre for the reply. In some sense, it is true that gimp doesn't
> deter the quality if I adjust the resolutions properly. My problem is that
> when I include those plots in latex, the resulting plots in the output pdf
> look really bad. I tried using higher edge_pen_width as well as putting a
> black hollow around the vertices but doesn't improve that much.

There are many options available, e.g. you can join using inkscape, or much
more simply, you can just include several files in the same figure in LaTeX.

Using gimp is often a bad idea since it rasterizes the figure into a bitmap,
where often it's best to preserve the image as a PDF, for example.

In any case, you can find this sort of information in many other places, and
is not really a good subject for this mailing list:

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