Weighted Clustering

I have an edge property for weight. The weight for each edge is one
integer between 1 and 4. The unweighted global clustering coefficient is
about 0.45. The weighted global clustering coefficient is -0.61. Are
negative values in the range?

Negative values should not be possible. Please provide a minimal and
self-contained example that shows the problem.

Additionally, if I filter on edge weight and calculate the weighted
clustering I get values > 1.0. If all weights are 3, for example, would
we not expect the same coefficient for weighted and unweighted. The
unweighted coefficient for the above example is reasonable.

As is explained in the documentation, the clustering values are
normalized only if the weights are all below 1.


Thank you for your help.

I figured out the problem. I was using "int" as the edge property dtype when
I should have used int64_t.

Again thank you!