Using pyinstaller with Graph-tool


I was wondering if anybody from the list has ever used pyinstaller on an
python app that uses graph-tool? I am trying to create a self-contained
file/directory that I can give to others without them having to go through
the trouble of installing all the packages required for graph-tool.

It seem that pyinstaller does not like graph-tool dependancies. It complains
about importing all of graph-tools libraries (correlation, etc., etc.).
Anybody has any experience with htis, or any suggestion how to go about
doing something similar?


graph-tool is implemented in C++, pyinstaller only works for pure python
modules (with some exceptions like numpy).

In order for it to work with graph-tool, it would need to be able to bundle
C++ shared objects, including several system libraries. This is not really

If you want to bundle graph-tool, I believe the best way is to use docker.