Unable to import centrality function


I am unable to import centrality function from the graph tool package

*import graph_tool as gt*


gives the following error:

*AttributeError: module 'graph_tool' has no attribute 'centrality'*

I tried after restarting my Spyder IDE but the issue remains

I am using graph tool version
'2.27 (commit ce258562, Thu Jun 28 14:29:44 2018 +0100)'

OS: Linux (Ubuntu 64bit)


I don't think you're supposed to do "gt.centrality.eigenvector(MyGraph)". Did you try

Yes, I tried this too but it doesn't work.

*gt.eigenvector(MyGraph)* doesn't work. It's not listed in the list of
modules inside graph_tool package.

Also documentation specifically mentions

*graph_tool.centrality.eigenvector(g, weight=None, vprop=None,
epsilon=1e-06, max_iter=None)*

that is the command has to be called inside the centrality module of graph
tool package.

In Python, you must first import a module before it can be used. Thus before
using graph_tool.centrality.eigenvector, you must do:

  import graph_tool.centrality

As is explained in the graph-tool documentation, the library includes the
graph_tool.all submodule that includes every function. Thus you can also do

import graph_tool.all as gt

and then use directly gt.eigenvector().