The basic usage in the Graph-tool: how to delete vertex and related edges in the Graph-tool?

Hi All,

I am new to Graph-tool and learning the basic operation on the Graph. The
below command confused me a lot.

I know the clear_vertex is to clear all edges related with the Vertex. But
after executing the clear_vertex, it seems that the Graph still contains 1
edge created before. Will I need to revise my code ?

This is a simple bug hat has already been fixed in git.

The edges are actually deleted from the graph, but the counter is not updated.

You can check by doing: len(list(g.edges()))

The fix will be available in the next version, but in the meantime you can
just ignore it, or install from git.

I post the same on the stackoverflow

It is redundant to post in stack overflow; the proper places are this
mailing list and the issue tracker in the website.

Thank you for quick clarification. I can have a good sleep tonight.