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Its Math Processsing Error , Everywhere!

This is a degree sampler which uses rejection sampling to sample from the
distribution [Math Processing Error], up to a maximum.

def sample_k(max):

... accept = False
... while not accept:
... k = randint(1,max+1)
... accept = random() < 1.0/k
... return k
The following generates a random undirected graph with degree distribution [Math
Processing Error] (with k_max=40) and an *assortative*degree correlation of
the form:
[Math Processing Error]

g = gt.random_graph(1000, lambda: sample_k(40), model="probabilistic",

... vertex_corr=lambda i, k: 1.0 / (1 + abs(i - k)), directed=False,
... n_iter=100)

gt.scalar_assortativity(g, "out")

(0.6321636468713748, 0.01082292099309249)
The following samples an in,out-degree pair from the joint distribution:
[Math Processing Error]
with [Math Processing Error] and [Math Processing Error].

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