Remove an edge with a property


I have tried various methods and now it's time to ask for help.

I am trying to simulate a distributed algorithm called H-graph, in
this we start with a regular undirected graph with 3 vertices and
constant degree d, say 8.

We label these edges so we have d/2 Hamiltionian cycles please see [1]
for an image.

I have tried various methods to identify and remove an exact edge with
a certain property value. I am using internal property maps, but all
have failed.

For reference I have tried find_edge and GraphView to isolate the
edges with the required property, and you can find my current, broken
code at [2]. The methods in question are set_nbr_pred/succ, and they
are quite warped now from multiple failed attempts.

Thanks in advance,
William Stevenson


Why have they failed?

Did you try find_edge()?