Random graph with degree sequence.


I'm using graph-tool to try to generate random graphs with a sequence of
degrees. For example, in a 3-node graph, I generated a random graph with
all nodes with input degrees 1 and output degrees 1.

My code:

import graph_tool.all as gt>>> def deg_sampler():... return 1,1... >>> g = gt.random_graph(3,deg_sampler,parallel_edges=True, self_loops=False)>>> gt.graph_draw(g)

Can I generate a random graph defining the input and output degrees of each
node? For example, tree nodes with respectively the input degrees (1, 2, 0)
and output degrees (1, 0, 2).



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Hi Alvaro, this is explained in the documentation for the
function concerning the `deg_sampler`:

Optionally, you can also pass a function which receives one or two
arguments. If block_membership is None, the single argument passed will
be the index of the vertex which will receive the degree. If
block_membership is not None, the first value passed will be the vertex
index, and the second will be the block value of the vertex.


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