Question about how to deal with weighted networks in SBM

Dear all,
I have been using the lasted version of graph-tools, compiled from master
and I'm not having much success with using weighted networks on the method

I'm passing the weights as the "recs" argument. The code executes the
entire task, but when I visualize the communities doesn't seem to be
correctly assigned. I would appreciate if someone could, please, show an
example of use, or take a look at my code, as follow:


gtGraph = gt.Graph(directed=True)

#load the weight
prop = gtGraph.new_edge_property("double")

for i,e in enumerate(edges):
    prop[gtGraph.edge(e[0],e[1])] = w[i]

state = gt.minimize_nested_blockmodel_dl(gtGraph,
state_args={"recs":[prop], "rec_types":['real-normal']})


Tank you.

Best regards.


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I don't see anything wrong with the above. If you want a complete example of
use, look at the documentation:

It is difficult to say anything more concrete without a complete and
self-contained example, and an explanation of what you mean by communities
not being "correctly assigned".