Python install build issue

I've searched the forum repeatedly and not found anything helpful despite
this issue being posted 5 or 6 times sadly.

I'm working in an environment where I need to build all dependencies from
scratch. I've failed at the first hurdle with:

Could not link test program to Python. Maybe the main Python library has

been installed in some non-standard library path. If so, pass it to
configure via the LDFLAGS environment variable.

Note I have built the python install i need to use myself. So when i try:

$ ./configure --prefix=`pwd`/gt-inst

Or similar i just get the same error.

What is different about the python install graph-tool configure expects?


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Thought it might be useful to include this output:

attachment.html (5 KB)


Whenever reporting problems with building the library, please never
forget to provide some basic information such as which operating system
you are using, what compiler version, and so on. Also please attach a
the _complete_ output of the configure script, together with the file
config.log which is generated.

As the error message below says, the problem occurs because the script
cannot link with the python library. The necessary information required
to understand why the problem happens is included in the config.log
file. But since you seem to have compiled and installed python yourself,
a common source of problems is to forget to compile the python shared
library, which is done by passing "--enable-shared" to the configure
script when compiling python. Please make sure you have done so...


Thanks Tiago, that was indeed the issue.

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