Python 2 compatibility

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I tried to reproduce a plot with graph-tool.

Sadly I wasn't able to do so, because of this error:

*AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'get_bstack'*

Where does this error appear?

While trying to find a solution, I discovered further Information:

"|list.clear()| is not in Python 2, only in Python 3. The example runs without problem in Python 3. Anyway, graph-tool is supposed to work on Python 2.7 and above, so this might as well be reported as a bug."

Is there still an opportunity to get this done with Python 2?

The specific bug above has been fixed a long time ago. Whatever you are
experiencing, is unrelated to it.

Note that if you want to do this type of visualization, it can be done
most easily now with the draw_hierarchy() function: