Problems with graph drawing

Hi again,

I finally managed to compile the new version of graph-tool with the newest
boost version. However, I had some issues installing all the required
libraries (CGAL, cariomm, pycairo) correctly and quite a number warnings
appeared during the compilation of graph-tool... (So, most probably it is my
fault, that things are not working perfectly.)

My problem concerns the new drawing functionality with cairo. When I call
graph_draw(), the following error appears

Exception AttributeError: "'GraphWindow' object has no attribute 'graph'" in
<bound method GraphWindow.__del__ of &lt;GraphWindow object at 0xa5e125c
(graph_tool+draw+gtk_draw+GraphWindow at 0xab1a8c8)>> ignored
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
line 623, in graph_draw
    nodesfirst, **kwargs)
line 950, in interactive_window
    nodesfirst, update_layout, **kwargs)
line 885, in __init__
    nodesfirst, update_layout, **kwargs)
line 288, in __init__
    self.connect("draw", self.draw)
TypeError: <GraphWidget object at 0xaaf04dc
(graph_tool+draw+gtk_draw+GraphWidget at 0xaa828d0)>: unknown signal name:

Can you tell from this what is going wrong? Where should I look for the


Strange. It seems to me maybe you have an old version of gobject/gtk
installed? You need GTK+ 3 with the necessary python bindings. These are
certainly packaged in recent Ubuntu releases.

If you can't get gtk3 properly installed, maybe you'll have more luck
with the "graphviz_draw()" function.

(The simplest path for you, of course, would be just to update your
Ubuntu version and use the precompiled packages on the website.)


Hi Tiago,

thanks a lot for the advice. I am indeed missing GTK+ 3 but this getting
complicated now, I should maybe talk to my admin instead of wasting more
time on installing all the libraries myself...

And yes, drawing with graphviz works fine, thanks. But actually the main
reason for switching to the new version of graph-tool were the fancy new
visualisation options you showed my in Dresden.