Problem in Compiling Graph-tool

Dear experts
In the process of compiling graph-tool, when i run the command "make -j4" i
face errors.
I will send you a photo of the error I am faced with. I would be grateful
if u could check it and let me know what the problem is and what I can do
to fix it.

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It seems you are running out of memory, as you are building in parallel with four processes. Just try again using simply "make", which will use a single process.

Btw, it's never a good idea to take a picture of the screen like this; its barely readable. You can just copy and paste the terminal output.


Dear Tiago
First off, so sorry for the low quality of the picture, actually it was my
friend's fault, taking just a picture and closing the terminal without
saving before my coming.
And regarding the compiling with using just one core , doesn it take too
much time???
This system's RAM is 16 GB. I thought it would be enough.
Can u estimate how long it takes using just a single core?
Thanks in advance.

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With 16GB you can probably compile it using -j2....

Thank u . I did it with a single core successfully.
Thanks more.

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