Overlapping nodes in drawing

I was wondering whether anyone used the drawing capabilities and ran into the
issue of overlapping nodes after calculating layout in various ways?

On the same note, did anyone find a solution for increasing the size of some
of the nodes, say based on their degree, and ensuring that they won't then
overlap with other nodes?

I am trying to find a solution without using the graphviz_draw function. I
also have a large network: 7000 nodes and 150000 edges which makes it more
difficult to manually manipulate values of position of overlapping nodes.


I had the same issue and couldn't find a solution. So I exported the graph
to Gephi and did all visualizations there. But I'd be interested in
learning about a GT solution.

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Preventing node overlap is not implemented directly in graph-tool, but you
can obtain it from graphviz:

   pos = graphviz_draw(g, vsize=10, overlap=False, output=None)
   graph_draw(g, pos=pos)