Networkx VS graph-tool

Hi, I'm working on graph mining, so I'm trying to find the best library to do
I read in that "graph-tool" is
faster, so I tried the same program who count the duplicated graphs (I call
them frequent in the program) in networkx and graph-tool.
graph are in this .txt file ==>
networkx program ==>
graph-tool program ==>

there are the results:
* Networkx:
RUNNING TIME: 0.00204300880432s
Reading from file: 0.000211000442505s
Algo: 0.00186109542847s

These differences are interesting. I expect graph-tool to become faster
if the graphs become larger (your graphs are very small).

Networkx compares the degree sequence (and the vertex invariants) before
running the actual isomorphism code. This is a shortcut that improves
things if the graphs are clearly not isomorphic. Do you know if this is
the case for your graphs?

What happens to the time difference if all the graphs tested are

I can easily implement these shortcuts in graph-tool as well, if they
happen to be the source of the discrepancy.


I need to work with any type of graphs (not only small or large graphs).