module 'graph_tool' has no attribute 'minimize_blockmodel_dl'


I have been using graph-tool in the docker shell in the jupyter notebook,
following the instructions here

However, after moving to larger networks (not that large; 200,000 vertices)
it seems that the jupyter notework environment doesn't work. I'm not sure

I have instead moved to running it from the terminal. However, things seem
to be a bit different there.

In particular, if I run the following:

import graph_tool as gt
g = gt.load_graph("/Users/samuelgyetvay/Dropbox/jmp/data/clean/j2j",
state = gt.minimize_blockmodel_dl(g, state_args=dict(recs=[g.ep.weight],

I get the error message "module 'graph_tool' has no attribute

I'm not sure what to do.


This should be:

  import graph_tool.all as gt