Mark all reachable Nodes


I need to find a way to label all reachable nodes in a directed graph starting at a specific node. Is there a short way to do this?

Currently I use this:

graph = get_graph()
is_reachable = graph.new_vp("bool")
start_vertex = get_start_vertex()

tc = gt.transitive_closure(graph)
is_reachable[start_vertex] = True
for node in tc.vertex(start_vertex).out_neighbors():
    is_reachable[graph.vertex(node)] = True

This works, but seems quite inefficient, since I don't need the full transitive closure (although I have multiple such start vertexes).
Another possibility should be a raw DFS but this needs far more LOC, since it needs to stop when it backtracks and therefore needs a custom visitor.


Looks like you want to find the out-component for a given vertex. Have a look at this:


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