load_graph_from_csv() problem

Hi all,

I have a problem with load_graph_from_csv() using gt 2.27.

from graph_tool.all import *
import pandas as pd
edge_list = pd.DataFrame(['a', 'b', 1, 'c'])
edge_list.to_csv('edge_list.csv', index=False, header=False)
g = load_graph_from_csv('edge_list.csv', string_vals=True, eprop_types=['int', 'string'], eprop_names=['weight', 'type'])

After this is done, three properties are listed:


This happens:

g.vp.name.a # supposed to be a "PropertyArray" holding the vertex names as strings, but actually a "NoneType"
g.ep.type.a # supposed to be a "PropertyArray" holding the edge type as a string, but actually a "NoneType"
g.ep.weight.a # supposed to be, and actually is, a "PropertyArray" holding the edge weight as an integer

Is the problem with the way I call the load_graph_from_csv() function?

Thanks a lot


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