Is it possible to use the graph-tool lib in c/c++ program


Since the graph-tool lib is implemented with c++, I am wondering is it
possible to directly use this lib in c++ program? If yes, would any one give
some instructions on how to do that? Thanks.

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It is possible to write C++ extensions to graph-tool. Some documentation
on this will be added soon; stay tuned.


I think that question was if is possible to use the graph-tool in C++
program not about writing C++ extensions to "gt" itself.
To Hao: afaik the graphtool is based on C++ Boost lib. So if you want to
use it directly in C++, you can use boost (but I do not have any experience
with C++, it's just a suggestion)

To Tiago: That's great to hear that it will be possible to write extensions
for this magnificent tool in C++! Thanks
I really have to learn the C++ even it is so hard.

S pozdravem / Best regards.
Gazda Jan

2016-01-07 18:01 GMT+01:00 Tiago de Paula Peixoto <tiago(a)>:

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