Installation error: graph_triangulation.Io

Having installed every pre-requisite, including CGAL on my Linux server, I
still encounter the following error during installation. The specific error
message is:

*error: *no match for call to
CGAL::Epick>, CGAL::Epick> >, false>::Side_of_oriented_sphere_3 {aka
CGAL::Epick>, CGAL::Epick> > >}) (const Point&, const Point&, const Point&,
const Point&, const Point&, const Offset&, const Offset&, const Offset&,
const Offset&, const Offset&)*’

I have included the log file for configuration and make here. Thanks a lot
for your help!

attachment.html (1.16 KB)

config.log.rtf (102 KB)

Log_make.rtf (20.1 KB)

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basic information, such as what compiler version is being used, library
versions, etc. In this case, it would be important to know which version
of CGAL do you have installed.

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