ImportError - but boost installed

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get graph_tool to run with my conda installation on Ubuntu.
I followed the steps here
<; , which among
other things installed boost 1.63, if I understand correctly. I can use
graph_tool fine if I just "import graph_tool". However, if I want to use the
drawing functionalities, and do "from graph_tool.all import *", I get

/ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

The only clue a google-search gave was lack of boost, which is supposedly
installed and working fine.. what follows is my full list of packages
installed in the repository - what can I do?

# packages in environment at .conda/envs/networks:

It looks like you are missing cgal judging by your error message? Looking at
your list I note that I have

cgal 4.7 0 floriangeigl

installed in my conda system (I remember seeing your error message at some
point too. I don't remember how I fixed it but I presume I did it by
installing this package). You may need to play with the version as I am
running boost 1.60 but hopefully it is a starting point in fixing your

Best wishes,


I am maintaining graph-tool conda builds in the following gitlab repo:

Try installing in a clean environment using:

conda create -n graph-tool -c ostrokach-forge -c conda-forge -c
defaults --override-channels 'python=3.6' graph-tool

You can substitute ‘python=3.6’ with the version of python that you want.

An important note is that with conda packages, the plotting functionality
of graph-tool probably won’t work.


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