how to use a python object saved in a graph property map


I have the following code:

sortedEdges = []
g = Graph()
g.graph_properties["sortedEdges"] =
self._graph.new_graph_property("object", sortedEdges)

then I fill the sortedEdges list with the appropriate values and
return g. Now, how can I get the list of sorted edges from g? I'm also
saving a dictionary that uses the names of the vertices as keys and
the graph vertices as values in a internal graph property map; so, in
general, I want to learn how to use any python object after it is
saved as graph_property


The syntax for graph properties is the same as for vertex or edge
properties, i.e. you use the graph itself as a key. In your case it would be:


This would append the value "foo" to your list.