How to update graph-tool?

Sorry, I should have been more specific: I've got automake 1.10 and
autoconf 2.61-4 installed (both are the latest versions, I believe).

Here's what I get when I run ./ (see attached file)

Hmm... Maybe you don't have libtool installed? Try "apt-get install
libtool", and see if it works.


p.s.: I've tried to send this message to the list before with no
success -apologies if it comes in duplicate.

There was a problem with the mail server and some emails got eaten. It
should be OK now.


I've installed Libtool, but I'm now getting an error in make (see attached). Maybe this is again the --visibility problem? I mean, do I need to type --disable-visibility somewhere?

Just to make sure this is not a problem with my system, I have re-compiled graph-tool-1.1.2 and it works fine. But the compilation of the files from the source revision control is not working for me.


graphtool-errors.tar.gz (51.5 KB)