How to update graph-tool?


Rui Carvalho wrote:

git run without errors and I found a directory ./graph-tool/ with some,
but not all, files needed to install.

All the files you need should be there.

Perhaps you mean you can't find the "configure" script.

Development code usually doesn't include that script, it instead
includes a mechanism to generate it.

Since that is the case with graph-tool, what you wold have to do once
you clone the repository is run:

$cd graph-tool/

$./autoconf [configure options you use, if any]

and then


Good luck!

And tell us if that solves the problem :slight_smile:



The repository already contains a "" script, which properly
takes care of generating the "configure" script, without having to call
autoconf and automake by hand, and then automatically calls the
"configure" script. So what must be done instead is simply:

$ ./
$ make

If you want to pass options to the configure script, you can do so after
running "", or passing the options to itself, which
will automatically pass them to "configure".

Also, in ubuntu, you may need to have the autoconf and automake packages
installed, since it think they're not included by default.



did I write ./autoconf ?

I "obviously" (hehe) meant ./ ... : P

(thus the preceding "./")


ale (who'll check his facts next time)

Hi Tiago, Alexandre,

Thanks for this. I'm running in to a problem, though: ./ gives me
an error:
"config.status error: cannot find input file:"

Do I need to do something else to get this file?

Many thanks,