Help with animating a graph

Hello Tiago,

I am trying to make an animation using Graph tool.

My data is preety simple, i have a interactions between two vertices and
timestamps of those interactions, something like this:

time vertex_id vertex_id
1830 356 681
1835 12 590
1835 123 456

What i am trying to do, is to show all interactions per time step,
therefore i would like to animate edges, display all edges (interactions)
that happen at a certain time step.

What i don't get is how to loop through the list of timestamps. Should I
even do it like this.
I imagine looping through the list of timestamps, where every time stamp
points to a list of all the edges and then I somehow (unclear how) display

Also, what happens in the update_state function from this page is
a bit unclear to me. Could you please help me somehow?

Is there any other resource/documentation I could look at, because a lot of
the code from the example is like magic to me.

Best regards,


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Hi Stefan,

In the danger of stating the obvious: Have you seen this older post on the mailing list? ( ) On the surface of it it seems to deal with a similar problem?



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I try to write the documentation as clearly as I can. If you find it
obscure, you should ask _specific_ questions so I can answer them.