graphviz_draw crashing?

Hi all,

Lately I've been drawing graphs using the sfdp layout on graphviz_draw.
About 2 weeks ago before I installed some Python updates (not sure which
exactly), I had no problem drawing trees using this method.

When I run it I get the Spyder error "It seems the kernel died unexpectedly.
Use 'Restart kernel' to continue using this console." so something seems to
be crashing. I'm using Python 3.4.3. with graph-tool version 2.2.44. Any
ideas what might be happening?

Without an error backtrace, and a specific example, it is a hard to say
what may be going on.


You're right. Sorry, I should've provided more. The code is as shown above
(with the specific graph added as an edge list). I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.

Here's what gdb gives me:

Not sure what to make of this, since my knowledge of C is minimal. Is there
anything else I can provide that would help?