The function graph_tool.draw.interactive_window is great for exploring a
graph interactively. Often I just need some part of a graph, for which I
can easily define a filter (or view). My question is: Is it possible to
switch between the full graph and a filtered subset of the graph
interactively? I tried something like the code below but it didn't work:

def my_key_press_callback(self, g, keyval, picked, pos, vprops, eprops):
     if (chr(keyval)=='1'):
         self.g = g1
     if (chr(keyval)=='2'):
         self.g = g2

g1 = gt.load_graph("mygraph.xml.gz")
g2 = gt.GraphView(g1, vfilt=SOMEFILTER)
gt.interactive_window(g1, key_press_callback=my_key_press_callback)

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Best regards

ps: Sorry if you receive this email twice; my previous post somehow
     ended up hidden in an old thread.

I'm afraid this will never work; you cannot replace the underlying graph
from under the hood like this. What you can do, however, is to work with
the same filtered graph the whole time, and then change the values of
the filter property map dynamically.