Graph products in graph-tool: does implementation exist?

Dear graph-tool mailing list,

Do either of you know of an implementation of standard graph products,
using graph-tool? I'm referring to graph products like Cartesian product,
lexicographic product, etc.

I have searched the documentation and mailing list archives, but have come
up empty handed.

Kind regards,

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No, this is not yet implemented.

If you want it, you can open a ticket on the website with the feature
request. Please include sufficient information of what exact algorithms
you want, with links, etc. They will be implemented as time permits.


Thank you, that is much appreciated.

I need only one particular product for the moment, so I have gotten started
implementing that, and have a question:

In order to visualize the growing graph, is there a layout algorithm and
parameter adjustment that is recommendable?

I'm currently following the code provided in the Dynamics example, using the
sfdp_layout, but this seems erratic. I would ideally like that the graph is
stationary, with new nodes "just added". I know things are not that simple,
but recommendations would be appreciated.


Take a look at the "pin" parameter of sfdp_layout(). With this you can
specify a set of nodes which have their position preserved during the