Graph drawing using edges weights and cluster labels.

I've tryed to use graph-tool for solving my problem of visualizing some set of data using correlarions matrix filled with float values from the interval [0, 1] where 0 matches to non-correlated at all values and 1 for the same values. So now I've faced with problem, that I coudn't draw the graph with respect to this values(each time I've received smth like sphere with overlayed values), also I have some pre-computed clusterisations so I also would like to try to visualize the graph using them as the labels of the class for each vertex.
So I'll be very pleased for anyone help me with some information about how to:
1) Visualize the graph with respect to the adjacency matrix(filled with values represents correlations of each vertex pairs).
2) Visualize the graph with respect to the labels of the cluster for each vertex.

Best regards,
Salynskii Aleksandr.

P.S. I understand, that answers for my questions mb somewhere in the documentation, but coundn't find ways to solve this problems, so hope that someone have any links of samples(even better) to help me with it.

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