Generate price networks with different constant factors

Dear all

Function graph_tool.generation.price_network has a parameter named *constant

According to graph-tool documents, for undirected graphs, the degree
distribution of generated graph should be !image.png|161x21.

However, when I use different *constant factors *to generate different
price network graphs, I notice that all graphs have a same degree
distribution. It seems that different *constant factors *have no influence
on the degree distributions.

For example:

g1 = gt.price_network(100000, m=3, directed=False)
g2 = gt.price_network(100000, m=3, c=-0.9, directed=False)

For g1, the degree distribution should be !image.png|112x21.
For g2, the degree distribution should be !image.png|202x21.

When I draw the degree distributions of the two graphs, they are almost the

So, does the parameter *constant factor really *change the graph degree

Weitao Han

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