find_vertex() not works

I'm trying to retrieve all the nodes of a graph that belong to a specific
type. I use the find_vertex for this:

     referents = find_vertex(graph, graph.vertex_properties['type'],

But all I get is this error:

       File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/graph_tool/util/",
line 58, in find_vertex
            (val, val))
   TypeError: No registered converter was able to extract a C++ reference to
type graph_tool::GraphInterface from this Python object of type

Any clue of what is the problem?

This is a bug. I have fixed it now in the git version.


I can't clone your main repo. I cloned the github ones but ins't updated with
the new changes. The gitorious ones also is outdated.

thanks for the quick fix!

I've updated the github and gitorious repos.


Thanks a Lot!

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