Executing functions on a GraphView


what is the graph-toolic way of working with a GraphView other than for drawing?

I find the filtering functionality pretty neat and would like to do things like

babo = load_graph('babonet.gt')
babo_in_hist = vertex_hist(babo, 'in')
chabo = GraphView(g, efilt=lambda e: g.ep.chabo_prop[e] == 'WISSEN_WER')
chabo_in_hist = vertex_hist(chabo, 'in')

Yet babo_in_hist == chabo_in_hist evaluates to True, which makes sense because chabo knows who the babo is (they share the same basis data).

I can come up with a way of building an extra network based on the GraphView, but this seems like something somebody else has already needed so I figured I better ask first (obviously after having checked the mailing list archive :wink: )

Have a nice weekend everybody!
Juan Dominguez-Moran

I'm not sure what you are talking about. GraphViews are not just for
drawing, everything else should work with them.

The fact that the histograms compare to True probably just mean that the
in-degrees are not affected by the filter, or some other silly thing. If you
still think there is a problem, please post a minimal and self-contained
example (the one you sent isn't, because it did not contain the graph you used).