Error when using .configure graph-tool 2.27


I have been trying to install graph-tool 2.27 using python 3.7.3 from
I obtained the following error in the ./configure phase :
checking python module: numpy... yes
checking for numpy/arrayobject.h... yes
checking for CAIROMM... yes
checking python module: cairo... yes
checking pycairo/py3cairo.h usability... no
checking pycairo/py3cairo.h presence... no
checking for pycairo/py3cairo.h... no
configure: error: pycairo headers not found

These were my settings:

GRAPH-TOOL: (python/3.7.3 loads gcc/5.4.0)

attachment.html (3.78 KB)

config.log (117 KB)

There is a patch by Alex Henrie that is ready to be merged that should deal
with this problem:

We are just waiting for someone from graph-tool team to merge it...