Drawing errors and installation in google colab

I repeatedly get the below error on the codes that I worked with them easily a couple of years ago.

AttributeError: module ‘graph_tool.all’ has no attribute ‘arf_layout’

I selected other methods but the same error pops.

It seems the problem originated from something else.

I installed it in different ways and imported it the same way in the documentation.

from graph_tool.all import *

I really stuck to getting the new results.

Would you please kindly help me?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to provide a solution to your problem or an answer to your question with the information provided.

To enable us to understand the situation, you need to provide all the items below:

  1. Your exact graph-tool version.
  2. Your operating system.
  3. A minimal working example that shows the problem.

Item 3 above is very important! If you provide us only the part of the code that you believe causes the problem, then it is not possible to understand the context that may have contributed to it.

You need to provide us a complete example that runs and reproduces the problem you are observing.

To post code, please use triple back-ticks for proper formatting:

for x in range(100):
    print("hello world")

or upload your files as attachments.