dfs_search question


I trying to use dfs_search, and after digging through the sources, it
appears that only dfs_search accepting a start vertex is exposed by the
library. However, the BGL also has an overload for depth_first_search which
doesn't need a vertex and traverses *all* vertices. (In addition to the two
overloads, there is also a separate interface depth_first_visit(), which
does exactly what "dfs_search" does.)

Any chance of exposing the versions of [db]fs_search which don't need a
start vertex, please?

Many thanks,


Yes, just open an issue in the website, and I will implement it.


FYI, I just committed this to git. No need to open an issue.

Dear Tiago,

Wow, that was fast! Thank you. I will download and build later today.
Best wishes,