deepcopy of Vertices, Edges and Graphs


After processing an external text file I create a an object that among other
things holds a graph object, properties, vertices etc etc.
I would like to save the original copy of the object, so after I can always
refer back to it in a speedy fashion without having to re-parse the text
file and re-initialize the object, but when I tried to use deepcopy() it
I can not even perform a deep copy on a Vertex object.

Any idea why this is happening, and most importantly is there a work around?
(I tried pickle and shelve and they do not work either).

Thanks in advance for the response,

It is difficult to be precise, since you have not given a concrete
example. But the only general issue I can see is that Vertex and Edge
objects are not pickable. You should instead store their integer and
pair representations, respectively:

    v = int(v)
    e = (int(e.source()), int(

and pickle that.