conda package anyone?

Hi all,

is anybody aware, or planning to create, a conda package of the latest
version of graph-tool? I tried to compile it myself but ran into a lot of
issues that I could not solve due to my mediocre knowledge in doing so.



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Hi Felix,

I fear I can’t help you with creating a conda package but I managed to get it to work by creating a virtual environment. You can find the instructions that I followed here:

Best wishes,


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Thanks! Yeah, that's actually quite straightforward, especially because I'm
only working in virtual envs anyway. Stupid me … Will try it asap.
Almost preferable to a conda package which would have to be compiled every
time again for a new version.

If anybody is still looking for one though, I found this: (not tested by me)



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I updated my graph-tool conda package, so it should work now as well:

   - *Conda package*:
   - *Conda recipe*:
   - *Docker recipe for the CentOS 6 / GCC 5 container used to build

But the virtalenv path is probably easier, especially if you need plotting.
I had to create Glib and Xorg conda packages in order to get graph-tool
plotting to work consistently across different Linux systems.


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