Compiling v1.13 dev - configure: error: No usable boost::iostreams found


I am currently in the process of compiling v1.13 dev from source. I have
generated the configure file using I am running the configure
script now using the command "./configure --enable-openmp CXX='g++-5'"
however this returns the error "configure: error: No usable boost::iostreams
found". I don't recall running into this error when I compiled v1.12 but
maybe I just don't remember anymore. I have check the version of boost
installed with Anaconda and it tells me that it is up-to-date so I presume I
may just have to point the script to the correct location but have not found
a solution that works for me online yet. What might I be doing wrong here? I
have attached the config.log file.

Best wishes,


attachment.html (2.57 KB)

config.log (91.9 KB)