clabel usage for partial constraints


I have a question regarding the implementing partial constraints during
blockmodel minimization. By partial constraints I mean that I have a
group of vertices V1 that are pre-labeled into k clusters i.e. vertices
from V1 that are in different clusters should not mix. Then there is a
second set of vertices V2 that should be able to mix freely with
vertices from both V1 and V2.

I have tried defining a corresponding vertex property and passing it to
clabel argument but have always ended up with partitions in which V1 and
V2 don't mix in the final state.

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You can't use clabel to implement partial constraints.

You need to use the 'bfield' that specifies the prior log-probability of a
node to belong to a particular group. With this you can set [0, -inf,
-inf,...] to pin down a node to group 0, for example. If you use constant
values (or leave the vector empty) it will amount to a flat prior, and the
placement will be unconstrained.