Can't write labels on generated graph

I'm running anaconda on a redhat 7.4 linux box and when I try to generate a
graph with text on the vertices. I get the error below:
/opt/anaconda5.3.0-2.7/envs/GraphTool366_102318/bin/python3: symbol lookup
undefined symbol:

The code below is what's being used
gt.graph_draw(gMol, pos = pos, edge_pen_width = weightProp,
vertex_font_family = 'serif', edge_color = weightProp, vertex_size = vSize,
vertex_fill_color = countProp, vertex_text = keywordProp, output_size =
(1000,1000), output = '~/myGraph.png')

Any ideas?

The missing symbol is probably due to incorrect compilation, or a problem with the cairomm library. It's not really a bug in graph-tool. You need to contact the maintainer of the anaconda package you are using, and ask them to fix this problem.