Can I calculate likelihood ratios if I calculated get_edges_prob in different runs?

I am trying to run "get_edges_probs" for a large number of edges on a
reasonably sized network. This would take too long to run on my local
machine so I am considering sending it off to a cluster. Speaking to the
admin I would need to split the job into several smaller jobs, each of which
I can then run on a different node.

My question is thus: If I split my list of edges into, say, 50 separate
lists and then set up 50 jobs, each of which processes one of these lists,
am I able to compare the results of these jobs to each other by simply
recombining the resulting set of loglikelihoods to then calculate my
likelihood ratios as outlined in the cookbook? Or does the stochastic nature
of the algorithm mean that I can't necessarily compare results from
different runs to each other in this manner?

Thank you for any help in advance.

Best wishes,


The edge probability does not factorize over the edges, so the product of
the probability of the different lists will not be the same as the
probability for the whole list.

If the set of edges is much smaller than the total number, this could be
true _approximately_, but it can introduce errors in your analysis.


OK, thank you Tiago, that is useful to know!