Average calculation from vector<double> property


I am using graph-tool for my research, thanks for creating graph-tool.

I need to calculate average values from vertex and edge properties.
Property types are "vector<double>". When I use the "edge_average" function,
program gives 'RuntimeError'. How can I calculate averages from vector
property? Example code below:
    g = Graph()
    v1 = g.add_vertex()
    v2 = g.add_vertex()
    v3 = g.add_vertex()

    e1 = g.add_edge(v1, v2)
    e2= g.add_edge(v2, v3)
    e3= g.add_edge(v1, v3)

    e_properties = g.new_edge_property("vector<double>")
    e_properties[e1] = [0.0005]
    e_properties[e2] = [0.006,0.0007]

    edge_average(g, e_properties)


Right now you can't, because the sum of two vectors is not defined.

You have to split the vector into two property maps with
ungroup_vector_property() and calculate the averages separately.


I have fixed this now in git. The average of vector-valued property maps
now works as expected.


Thank you alot for this quick fix. You are awesome!