About reading and drawing vertex labels

Dear all,

Can anybody kindly help me with this? I have a graph stored in the .gml
format with each vertex labelled by some name. I want to draw these labels
on top of the vertices while drawing the graph but I couldn't find any
description of that in the documentation. As of now, I am only doing:

    G = gt.load_graph('test.gml')

I am attaching an example file with labels with this email. I would highly
appreciate any help.


attachment.html (953 Bytes)

football.gml (32.6 KB)

The labels are stored as internal properties. Please read the documentation
about property maps:


and the documentation of the graph_draw() function


(look for the vertex_text option)


Thanks for the quick reply Tiago. I have more or less seen this. My
question is mainly about extracting those labels from gml file as some
PropertyMap. How do I do that?

Thank you

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It is explained in the documentation! Do not only "more or less" read it.

Just look at the Graph.vertex_properties dictionary, it will include all the
vertex properties read from file.