A Question about Graph Analysis By Graph-tool

Dear experts,
I have a general question, does graph-tool do graph analysis?
Actually I have a matrix(a connectivity matrix) I wanna know if graph-tool
can calculate the graph parameters such as clustering coefficient, path
length, small-worldness etc.
I would appreciate it if u could help me.
Best regards

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That's literally the central purpose of the library. Have you ever taken
even a cursory look at the website, documentation, etc?

Dear Tiago,
Thanks for answering me. Actually I had,although not very carefully. Just
wanted to make sure about the specific parameters I need.
Taking a quick look again, I got it really is a complete package.
As I am kinda in a hurry due to the dead line for submitting my projects, I
would appreciate it if u could answer my general questions, should I
necessarily know python very well or using the command u've put on
documentation will work out?
And what is the environment I can use graph-tool on? (For linux,mint)
Thanks more,

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